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QUESTIONS? Stan Johnson can answer your financial questions, explain options and give you specific advice backed by years of experience serving clients throughout the Four Corners area and beyond. Check out Stan’s advice quoted in Fortune Magazine, and in his article featured in the Durango Herald.

Retirement ?? When should you draw on Social Security and other state or federal retirement plans to maximize your benefits? When should you roll over or draw on your 401Ks? What about annuities? Should you pay off your debts? How can you use the equity in your home to help fund your retirement?

Investments?? What type of investments should you use? What is the best investment for your risk tolerance? Take this simple test to find your Risk Number and start the conversation for your personal wealth building strategy. How and when should you invest in Real Estate?

Responsibilities ?? What is the best insurance for your situation? How can you manage your debts vs. your debts managing you? And how can you meet these responsibilities and still send the kids to college? Read more about our College Planning Services. How do you ensure your wealth is passed on according to your wishes?

Taxes?? How can you reduce and delay your taxes?

Dreams ?? Can you afford that dream home? Will you need to sell it to buy an RV and travel the country? How can you fund a dream vacation or a life-long passion without risking your retirement?

Business?? How will your business affect your personal finances?



Comprehensive: More than just advice, your whole financial picture will be evaluated in a larger context and you will receive specific recommendations to help achieve your personal financial goals.

Transparent, fee-only: Planning for you with no hidden agendas—you aren’t pressured to buy products and you never pay commissions or other forms of hidden compensation (kick-backs). All services are straight fee-only and you are informed of all costs directly and up front.

Independent: Comprehensive Financial Planning is an independent firm which operates from our only office in Durango, Colorado. Recommendations are based on what suits you best, not some revenue-sharing arrangement with a parent company, brokerage, insurance or mutual fund company.

Personal: Your financial plan will be customized in every respect based on your situation and needs, your concerns, and your goals and dreams for the future. Answers to your financial concerns will be customized in every respect based on your situation and needs, never a boiler-plate or cookie-cutter solution!

Fiduciary: All services are performed with a legal fiduciary duty to act in your best interest at all times. See my fiduciary oath here: Link to oath.

Ongoing Support: If you wish we can help you implement the plan. We also offer an annual financial check-up or any other ongoing support you need.

Your Advisor For Life: If you choose to utilize our wealth management services you will also receive ongoing support for all your financial planning needs.

Durango Financial Advisor


A Comprehensive Financial Plan will help you understand and select the best options for your situation, and chart a path to help you reach your personal financial goals. Comprehensive Financial Planning covers the full spectrum of financial issues which may impact you, your family, your business, and your future. If you need advice but aren’t sure if you’re ready or need to dive into a comprehensive plan, pick the areas of focus or the set of topics which matter most to you right now and request a FREE initial visit:

  • Evaluate current financial condition. Includes a balance sheet showing your current assets and liabilities and a cash flow statement. Recommendations on debt management, emergency funds, family budgeting and managing expenses.

  • Review investment portfolio. Current investments are analyzed to ensure they’re appropriate for your financial condition, risk tolerance and goals. Recommendations for changes will be presented.

  • Analyze retirement plan. Determine if current savings will be adequate for your future retirement. If funds are not adequate, develop a savings plan to help you achieve your retirement needs and goals. Once you are in retirement, determine the best way to utilize your wealth from all sources, not only your investment nest egg, but also your home and other assets.

  • Reduce your Taxes. Provide strategies for reducing and deferring income and other taxes, including methods of tax reduction for retirees and business.

  • Assist small business or non-profit to establish and manage retirement plans. Plans offered include 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit pension plans and others. Includes coordination with tax planning and financial accounting aspects or your business.

  • College. Develop plan to pay for and reduce the cost of sending the kids or grandkids to college.

  • Insurance Evaluation. Review current insurance and present ideas for improved coverage, cost reduction and safety.

  • Estate Documents. Ensure wills, trusts, power of attorney, asset titles and other estate documents are in place. Coordinate with your attorney to develop the best plan to ensure your end-of-life goals are achieved.


A Personal Financial Questionnaire  must be completed in advance of your initial meeting. The fee for your Financial Planning service is determined after an initial meeting. Fees will always be clearly defined and a written agreement provided to the client before work begins. If the scope of work can be determined with accuracy, a fixed fee will be proposed. The following provides an idea of the approximate range of fees depending on the level of service:

Basic Plan Balance Sheet+Cash Flow+Retirement Projection+Investment Review $1,500-$2,400

Standard Plan Basic +Insurance Review+ Basic Estate Planning


Advanced Plan Standard +Advanced Estates+Business Evaluations+Special Situations $3,500-$5,000

Services can also be provided at an hourly rate of $200 per hour, with estimated times outlined in the client agreement. A 50% deposit based on estimate or fee is required before work begins. See our Brochure  for details.

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