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Creating a Sustainable Financial Lifestyle

This is a piece I had in my newsletter back in 2011 which details how we help clients manage their cash flow.  Here is an updated version.  

Often the most neglected, yet most important aspects of our financial lives concerns managing cash flow.  We help our clients build a plan that enables then to discover what is a financially sustainable lifestyle for them.  Any business advisor will tell you understanding your current cash coming into and out of the business is crucial to success and it’s no different for one’s personal finances. As part of any financial plan we put together for our clients, analyzing cash flow enables us to produce many specific recommendations.  Here are some of the issues we help clients address.

  1. How much cash should you have in savings in case unexpected expenses or a drop in income occurs?  How much is adequate depends upon several factors including the sources and nature of your income and expenses, insurance coverage, assets and debt.
  2. Debt.  This is a big problem for some and an opportunity for others.  The first step is to make sure you have an adequate emergency fund so you never have to use credit card or other debt to fund living expenses.  We help our clients work out a plan to pay down and/or restructure their debt and use the tax laws to their advantage.  With home loan rates near record lows now is a great time to consider refinancing.  Rates are around 4.0% (now 3.4%) for 30 year loans and 3.25% (now 2.5%) for 15 year loans.
  3. Saving for short-term goals.  Identify, quantify and set up accounts to save for future cars, vacations, college for the kids or other goals you may have.
  4. Create a Budget.  For many this is an unwelcome chore but there are many ways to accomplish this.  The first step is to determine your current level of expenses.  You could use one of the budget tools available such as Mint or Quicken.     

Understanding and managing your cash flow is probably the most important aspects of your finances.  Higher or lower investment returns pale in comparison of importance. 


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